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Parts Manuals

PROS has an extensive library of Adobe PDF Parts Manuals for laundry and drycleaning equipment. Use the drop down box search function below and select the brand of the machinery then press Search. All of the manuals we have for that brand will be displayed showing which models the manual applies to. Selecting the down- load button on the right will open the manual in a new window. If you would rather download the entire file to your computer for later reference, click “Save Link As” if you are using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, or “Save Target As” if Internet Explorer. If the manual you need is not listed, please contact us by sending an email to partsmanuals@prosparts.com and let us know the brand, model and serial number of the machine you need a manual on. We welcome any manual contributions to our library for manuals we do not have. Please email them as PDF attachments to partsmanuals@prosparts.com.

Brand Model Number
Ajax CCW-S, (PC321 & 327)
Ajax DBF, (PC360)
Ajax DC18-C, DC43-C, DC45-C, DC446-C, DC446SE-C, (PC 282, 297, 298, 299, 300)
Ajax Dryer, 100#, 42x42, (PC121)
Ajax Dryer, 42x42, (PC121)
Ajax DTF, DTFV (PC345 & 346)
Ajax 2442, 222, 218, 1057-PV, 438, 451, 17ECLC, 1854, 554, 3612, CCW-C, CCY-C, 541813, CCW-CX, (PC 260, 280, 281, 290, 291, 292, 293, 294, 295, 296, 310, 311, 315, 348)
Ajax DBF,CBBY, DFB-CV, CBBY-CV (PC360, 364, 771, 775)
Ajax DFB-X, DFB-XV, CBBY-X, CBBY-XV,(PC 772 & 773 & 776 & 777)
Ajax CBS, CBS-LC (PC363, 365)
Ajax Extractor, 65 Pound (PC651)
Ajax DCHB 446SE-R,DCHFB 446-R,DCHFB 446SE-R,DCHB 446-R,DCHB 45-R,DCHB 45-L, DCB 446SE-R,DCFB 446-R,DCFB 446SE-R,AOUB 45-L,AOUB 45-R,DCHB 18,DCB 18,DCB 43-R,DCB 45-R,DCB 446-R, (PC 490,491,492,497,498,499,600,601,602,603,604,605,681,682,691,692,699)